28% of internet traffic is from mobile and tablets

Source: http://marketingland.com/mobile-traffic-now-28-percent-of-total-report-64218

ActiveSites from Starkwood Media Group

ActiveSites are optimised for




With the ability to make instant style and content changes*, using a standard browser, ActiveSites leverage the latest HTML5 technology and boast instant reformatting based on orientation changes in tablets and mobile devices.

Both Mobile and Tablet users are able to interact with ActiveSites in ways they are familiar, such as swiping images, pinch to zoom, location awareness for directions and much more.

Tablet users will find navigation easy through touch optimisation and enjoy the simplicity provided by sliders rather than free text boxes.

Mobile users benefit from seeing a mobile WebApp version - highly optimised for speed and delivery of a familiar native App look and feel, including the option to save your launch icon to an iPhone’s home screen.

Customer Experience

  • "We went for ActiveSites because people in todays´ society have access to far more devices where they can access the web. It was crucial that our website was designed for these such devices." Customer Experience - Weston Heath

*excludes mobile WebApp