360° Interior Images

Our Quick Start Guide

Install the free Theta S app on your phone from your App Store.

Charge the camera using your computer or other USB charger and the lead provided.

Connect the tripod to base of camera. Place between the front seats by affixing to the passenger seat in between the headrest and seat. Bend the tripod so the camera turns 90 degrees until it's upright as shown in the image above.

One lens should face the front of the car, the other the rear. The side of the camera with the large single black button on is the back so face that to the rear of the vehicle.

Ensure camera is as level as possible.

360° Theta S Camera and Mount

Power on the camera with top (of three) silver buttons on the thin side of the camera. Press middle WiFi button if the WiFi icon is not showing. Press bottom button to toggle between video and camera - set to camera mode - see image above for correct icons.

Connect your phone to the camera's WiFi network - the password is the numbers (exclude the initial letters) on the base of the camera.

We have tested and currently recommend the Ricoh Theta S in conjunction with the Joby GorillaPod Original Tripod in Charcoal both available from Amazon.

Launch the app. We recommend selecting DR or HDR mode to reduce the glare caused by sunlight coming through the windows. Once you have set this mode the app will save this setting for future photos. Full details are here but in summary on the app press the Theta icon button at the bottom middle of the screen. At the bottom scroll left/right until you see "Option Setting OFF", click that then move the option to "DR" (not as good as HDR) or "HDR" (slower to take image but better reduction of glare).

The camera will capture what you can see outside of the vehicle so we recommend you consider the background around the vehicle where you take the photo and ideally stand in range but out of sight.

360° Theta S Camera iPhone App

You can upload directly from the camera by connecting it to your computer then sign in to our admin system as usual.

Once you have uploaded your first 360 photo, please email us at support@starkwood.co.uk with the name of a vehicle where the photo is uploaded and we will complete the set up process for you. After that you will be able upload the images normally, without telling us.

If you have trouble viewing 360° photos we recommend to use a free Google Chrome web browser.

View the full Theta S User Guide here