Vehicle Types

Websites to accommodate most vehicle types

We offer our three main website packages, Custom, Bespoke and Franchise. All three packages are responsive, and can accommodate numerous vehicle types beyond just cars.

We are specialists in creating website designs suited to the entire Automotive Industry spanning almost all vehicle types.

These include motorhomes and caravans, HGVs, minibuses, and most other commercials as well as motorbikes too.

Your website does not need to just accommodate one type of vehicle type, our websites are compatible with multiple vehicle types and even allow for different feeds for these vehicle types, more info on feeds. So for example, if you sell motorbikes and vans on the side of your car dealership, then our website packages are more than suitable for you.

Just like our car websites, all of our automotive websites are built using the exact same responsive framework, meaning your van website for example, will "respond" to the device it is being viewed upon, enabling your customer to see your stock from anywhere.


We can accommodate motorbikes on our system, as well as offering numerous feeds out for motorbike stock.

Our Feeds
can support most vehicle types too

Motorhomes / Caravans

Our system fully supports both motorhomes and caravans and we already have a number of dedicated motorhome and caravan businesses.

Our Website Packages
easily infuse multiple vehicle types if needed


If your business is selling commercials such as vans, minibuses and HGVs then our website packages are perfect for your business's online presence.

Most Vehicles Types
are supported on Autohub

Vehicle Types and Autohub

Autohub fully accomodates most vehicle types and is not just restricted to cars, including extra data fields for commercials and carvans.

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