Unique Tailored Websites

The foundation of our bespoke website package is complete visual control, we offer a package that gives you management over the look and feel of your car dealer website. Your website is the online face of your business, you'll want your car dealer website to reflect the aesthetics and values that your car dealership upholds.

We work hard to deliver a unique website that perfectly suits your business and brand.

With a bespoke website from Starkwood Media Group Ltd, you can ensure your website is unique and follows those exact brand values and aesthetics.

The Auto Agency - Designed July 2016

After signing up for a bespoke website, you are assigned a dedicated web designer who is there to advise you on how to professionally approach your new website design and will hand-craft your website to the highest possible standard.

Our responsive bespoke websites are designed to help bring vehicle retailers to the digital age and create an online presence that rivals the physical prestige of their business.

What is Bespoke?

Something, whether that may be a piece of clothing, a new house or indeed a new website, that is created, adapted or built for a specific user or purpose.

Responsive framework
ensures your bespoke website fits all screens

Dedicated Support
to keep your website up-to-date


Our bespoke website package is completely responsive meaning your website will respond to the screen and device being viewed upon.

Unique Design

All of our bespoke website packages are uniquely designed, to ensure they are tailored perfectly to your company's brand and complete business needs.

Hand-Crafted Code

Our bespoke website package is built entirely from scratch and not from a template or pre-chosen layout.


Even after your website is live, our dedicated design support team are here five days a week to keep your website optimised and up-to-date.


You are assigned a dedicated designer, who is with you every step of the way to ensure your website is exactly how you want it.

Vehicle Upload System

Our bespoke website package supports our full vehicle upload system, allowing for full control over your vehicle stock and how it is displayed on your website.

Fully hand-crafted code
for a perfectly optimised website