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Bradley Palmer, Managing Director of The Auto Agency came to us after managing his own Wordpress website. After many years of running this he felt like it needed a professional touch, so he came to Starkwood Media Group Ltd and that's exactly what we delivered.

Bradley contacted Russell Quantick who is one of our Regional Managers for used Automotive dealerships in Hertfordshire and signed up for the bespoke website package, with additional features such as finance integration and email marketing.

The Auto Agency - Designed July 2016

The dedicated website designer James, designed and built their bespoke automotive website which now makes The Auto Agency stand out from the crowd, they're definitely becoming one of the top marques in Hertford, Hertfordshire. Selling high quality luxury, sports and 4x4 vehicles, it was important to make the website unique in every possible way as this wasn't only a website, but a web presence showcase his rising business. Using flat colours, clean fonts and with their own photographer onsite, the website has a real personal touch.

So, consider how we might deliver similar stunning results for your automotive website. Unlike many companies who try to be all things to all kinds of businesses, here at Starkwood Media Group Ltd, our team is focused on the automotive industry - it's simply who we are, what we do and what we know best. How can we help you?

"Bradley was a pleasure to work with, he was always coming up with new and interesting aspects for his business and website.

It was a challenging build, but one that I'm very proud to have done."

James - Dedicated Designer

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