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Phil Weaver Automotive have been a long-standing customer of ours since 2012, and we have a built a great working relationship with managing director, Phil Weaver.

It is because of this history and customer loyalty, we wanted to have Phil Weaver Automotive help to pioneer our brand new web platform. This web platform is primarily page speed driven, achieving an average of 90+ out of 100 on Google Page Insights allowing much faster load times for our clients' customers.

It is this new platform that is helping us to progress further with our website design offering, and for customers like Phil Weaver Automotive who have had three different websites with us since joining, it helps to drastically improve our customer retention too.

Phil Weaver - Designed June 2018

Being a current customer, Phil Weaver Automotive were immediately assigned a dedicated designer, Dan, to re-design their older website under the new platform. As a prestigious car dealership with customer service at the forefront, the design was kept clean and simple with a monochromatic colour palette and refined use of content.

It was this prestigious and clean look, which Phil requested, that further helped us to make the decision to put Phil Weaver Automotive on the faster platform.

Visit Phil Weaver Automotive at and consider how we might be able to help with your own automotive website. At Starkwood Media Group Ltd we focus only on the automotive industry - it's simply who we are, what we do and what we know best. We have built up an abundance of experience within this industry since 1999, so feel free to contact us to see how we can help you?

"Great work from the Starkwood Media Group Ltd team!!!"

Phil Weaver Automotive - November 2017

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"I worked with Phil to produce a professional, fast, secure, easy-to-use website. Tailored to their requirements, allowing them to focus on their passion for customer service."

Dan - Dedicated Designer

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