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Delivery Cost Calculator

Free distance calculator

We can add a free distance calculation tool to your website to produce accurate cost-per-mile quotations for your Click & Deliver offering, currently we are offering the integration free of charge to improve your online retailing options.

This features a search box for end users who can enter their postcode and will return the distance, in miles and provide them with an estimated delivery cost.

Just inform us which page(s) on which website(s) you wish to add this product.

What we need from you

  • Distance you will deliver free to if applicable
    • This is the free distance that the dealer will deliver to without charging
    • This will override the minimum delivery cost if the mileage is on or below the free mileage figure
  • Delivery cost Per Mile
    • Quite simply the basic cost per mile used to run calculations
  • Should we deduct the free distance from the delivery cost?
    • If the free distance is 50 miles and the calculated distance is 100 miles should we charge 50 miles i.e. the calculated distance minus the free distance OR just charge the full calculated distance
    • This setting goes in tandem with the setting 'Distance you will deliver free to if applicable' e.g. this setting relies on there being a free delivery distance
  • Minimum Cost where applicable
    • This will override the calculated cost, where it is not within the free distance, if the calculated cost is less than the minimum cost
    • e.g. the calculated cost is £80, the minimum cost is set at £100, display £100
  • Maximum delivery Distance where applicable and what you would like us to display when its over your limit
    • If the calculated distance is over the maximum delivery distance, display the message set by the dealer, this setting overrides ALL other settings
  • Your Postcode
    • Please ensure this is showing the correct location on Google Maps
  • Disclaimer text
    • To show where applicable e.g. Delivery to mainland UK only, excludes NI, highlands, ferry crossing and toll costs.
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