AutoEmail Marketing

Fully Automated Messages for your Prospects

With our AutoEmail marketing product, we allow our customers to send out fully automated, relevant, timely messages to their prospects.

Each email sent contains a link to allow prospects to amend their subscription(s) and prevent the sending of spam that could lead to your messages being blocked by mail providers.

Below are the different types of automated email messages our email marketing product offers.

"I am now concentrating on collecting as many email addresses as possible from all enquiries so having the facility for my website visitors to subscribe is going to create more opportunities for my business.

I also like the idea of sending 500 subscribers my stocklists/offers at the touch of a button."

Pete Smith - January 2015

Vehicle Alerts

Subscribers are automatically alerted by email when you add a vehicle matching their requirements.

messages sent directly to their inbox

Stock Updates

Sends a message containing vehicles added or updated at a frequency of the subscribers choosing.

the frequency of the automated messages

Stock List

Automatically sends your latest stock list to each subscriber at a frequency of their choosing.

send messages to certain prospects

AutoEmail Marketing

Easily send additional manual marketing messages to your subscribers as often as you like at no extra cost.

can keep up-to-date on favoured vehicles

Autohub Stock Management

AutoEmail Marketing and Autohub

You can manage your business's AutoEmail marketing using Autohub, allowing for complete control of your chosen target sectors.

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