Integrated Finance

Providing Vehicle Financing Options

A large majority of car buyers now require vehicle finance to be able to secure their dream car, that is why it is becoming more and more important to offer live finance options on your website. Depending on the finance package you choose, Hire Purchase (HP), Lease Purchase (LP) and/or Personal Contact Plan (PCP) can be displayed on each vehicle on the stock list as well as the vehicle details page.

Depending on the finance option you choose, the quote will then be sent to you or directly to your chosen third party finance company.

Whether you choose Starkwood finance or a third party finance system, we have a search feature that allows the customer to adjust the term, deposit, annual mileage and monthly budget to suit their needs.


of top 200 dealer groups now offer online finance

This automatically updates the finance offer attached to each vehicle, giving them a monthly payment figure matching their chosen criteria so the customer can customise their quote before completing a secure finance application form.

A financial disclaimer and full representative examples are shown on all pages where finance offers are displayed to ensure that your website is FCA compliant.

Starkwood or Third Party?

The choice is completely up to you, with our finance you can change the finance packages instantly through Autohub.

With Third Party finance all forms will be sent directly to your finance provider saving you time and effort at the sacrifice of complete immediate control.

Full Finance Control
with Autohub Integration

Finance and Autohub

By using Starkwood Media Group Ltd finance, you have access to full control over your finance integration through your Autohub Stock Management platform.

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Autohub Stock Management

The Starkwood Finance system allows you to upload your own rates and criteria through our easy to use Autohub stock management system. You can create as many finance offers as you wish, each having its own rate and rules to determine which vehicles it will apply to.

Each finance offer you create has defaults for deposit as either a fixed amount or percentage of the sale price, as well as the initial repayment term. You can even enter set up, spread or final payment fees.

Some customisable rules include:

  • Maximum / minimum vehicle age at start and end of loan.
  • Maximum / minimum sale price.
  • Maximum / minimum loan amount.
  • Maximum / minimum repayment term.
  • Minimum deposit amount or percentage.

Our advanced multi-stage finance application form will send you part completed applications with customer contact details for you to follow up those not confident enough to complete the process online.

We work closely with Codeweavers, iVendi and Evolution Funding who provide leading motor finance solutions for automotive websites. They provide a secure and simple process where the application is sent straight to your finance provider to be approved.

For each dealer they supply a range of videos explaining the different types of finance that are available and the benefits of getting finance direct from the dealer. There are also systems available for customers to check their credit rating before filling out the application.


Offering e-commerce solutions that make vehicle selling easier for dealers, vehicle buying easier for consumers and vehicle finance easier for all. We allow for full finance integration through iVendi for detailed finance solutions on all of the vehicles displayed on our websites, this includes finance figures pulled directly from your finance provider as well as dynamic finance calculators allowing customers to alter their finance criteria.

  • Alphera
  • MotoNovo
  • Santander
  • Black Horse
  • CarFinanceChecker

Third Party Systems
for automatic and constant up-to-date figures


We have teamed up with Codeweavers to offer their unique FlexiCalc for the vehicles displayed on our websites. This allows customers to dynamically alter their finance criteria on the fly for numerous different finance types such as PCP or HP and packages such as MotoNovo at the same time for immediate finance quotes.

  • MotoNovo
  • Santander
  • Black Horse
  • Barclays

Your Customers
can adjust finance figures on-the-fly

Evolution Funding

We have recently partnered with Evolution Funding, one of the UK's largest finance intermediaries. We can utilise Evolution's own dynamic calculator on most pages of your website allowing your customers to alter their finance options on-the-fly.

The calculator supports multiple finance package types, and can allow for quick and easy finance proposals that are sent directly to the finance lender.