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Re-defining your brand

Whether you need to rebrand your business or enhance your image, the Starkwood Media Group Ltd Logo Design Service will help you do both of those. Your logo is likely to be the first thing people see and recognise, so its important to make sure that your logo is conveying the right message and attracting the intended audience.

We have 25+ years combined experience in Graphic Design.

We can provide your business with unique branding. This is a great way to be recognised and stand out from your competition. What's more, your logo will be available in many formats, allowing you to use this on your website, social media, letterheads, business cards, signage and more.

The original Autowerks logo was similar to the Volkwagen branding and the logo was used by the business for a number of years, so Autowerks approached us in regard to a full bespoke logo redesign to refresh the branding and bring about a unique look for the business.

The redesigned logo incorporated the "A" and the "W" from the business name in a circlular shape as well as utilising the german flag to signify the business's expertise in german vehicles.

Bespoke Service

Before starting any work your dedicated designer will work closely with you to gather ideas and get to know the ethos of your business, upon this a list of objectives is created to proceed with the initial design. The initial design will consist of 5 unique designs for you and your dedicated designer to discuss. If required, 2 more revisions will be created to one of the first 5 designs that have already been created.

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All formats
available at your request

Update Service

The update package includes the recreation of your existing logo design. Doing this will achieve infinite scalability. Meaning you can make the logo small for business cards and letterheads, or large enough for signage without losing any quality. Alongside this, we will also work together to "tidy up" the current design, this consists of removing background colours, gradients or other unwanted elements.

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