Managed SEO

Making it easier to be found

We fully appreciate that focusing as much of your time as possible on acquiring and selling vehicles is vital for your success.

That's why we have launched our unique Starkwood Media Group Ltd Managed SEO Service for dealers like you: People clearly focused on results and demanding a customer-friendly, results-driven, stylish and always accountable online presence.

To make the most of your extensive online showroom, and all the vehicles you display, we will:

  • Agree a cohesive and results-driven online marketing strategy.
  • Undertake ongoing Google Keyword research to keep your SEO content fully optimised.
  • Assess and update your webpages to fully accommodate key search algorithm changes.
  • Able to meet any altered Google requirements or recommendations.
  • Create, edit and revise your Google Places entry.
  • Produce an informative and user-friendly online blog with two new and unique articles each month.
  • Set up your user-friendly social media accounts.
  • Publish a regular selection of valuable customer testimonials.
  • Deliver a clear and comprehensive monthly Online Marketing Report.


of all website visits may be from organic searches

Why SEO?

This professional package allows you to climb those vital Google rankings, be seen as a vibrant social media presence, and, most importantly, helps drive an increasing flow of traffic to your website. Currently, there may well be potential customers out there who don't know of your existence, or can't find you.

With this package, the quality, choice and service advantages you already hold over your local competitors are seriously enhanced by your professional presence across today's ultra-connected marketplace. Incidentally, many clients have found that, when their web presence is all that it should be, enquires and sales come from further afield than they would otherwise expect. These folk can then spread your message even wider through their own social media activities.

To help you find out in more detail about the terrific Managed SEO Package we can create for your dealership, we'd like to start by finding out about you. Simply give us a call on 020 3384 0100, and we'll call you back. We'll take the time to fully understand your business, and only then will we match our skills in online marketing for the automotive industry to your unique needs.


Autohub Stock Management

SEO and Autohub

As part of our Managed SEO product, you are given a full blog system which is primary managed by ourselves, but you are able to manage it directly with full Autohub integration.

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