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Starkwood Media Group Gears Up For Growth

Improving our development and sales
8th May 2018

Starkwood Media Group has made a major headcount investment as we seek to cement our position as one of the leading automotive media companies in the UK.

With 4 new Developers having all joined on 30th April to bolster the back office teams, this allows us to develop new products and act more quickly in response to customer feedback. Dan Taylor, Chief Technology Officer commented on our acquisition:

"This doubles the size of the existing team and I'd therefore expect to be able to bring products to market twice as fast! But this also supports our own internal systems that we will continue to develop and expand in line with our customer facing products."

Daniel Taylor CTO

We also have a new Regional Manager joining and Kara Ferguson will be the face of Starkwood Media Group in the Midlands. Kara has a very solid background in B2B sales and will be instrumental in developing relationships with customers and partner suppliers. Kara will report into Russell Quantick, Head of Customer Accounts who commented that this new position:

"Gives us the opportunity to strengthen our position in an area that is relatively untapped for us, the Midlands. Kara will be able to leverage our brand name and our 3rd party relationships to hit the ground running in promoting us in this new region."

Russell Quantick, Head of Customer Accounts

As dealers become more and more directed by the growing online marketplace, our move to invest in online products will be a welcome move to our dealers and prospects. Many commentators are predicting consolidation, online purchasing, autonomous vehicles, ride sharing and the end of diesel engine. All of which are likely to have an effect on new and used car sales volumes and the way new and used cars are advertised and sold; So being able to support the automotive retailing sector is key to what we do.

I'm delighted to be leading this company into its next stage of growth, and proud that we are seen as an employer that people want to work for and at the time of writing we have 2 graduates starting their careers with us. Whilst the automotive marketplace is ever changing, and we wait to see what the longer term impact of Brexit will be, we remain absolutely committed and confident that we are in the best position to grow and offer our customers the online tools to be able to help them grow their business.

Rob Queen FIMI
Managing Director

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