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Our Fantasy League Winner is..

Pocklingtons Renault of Louth
25th May 2018

Back in July 2017 we were feeling brazen, a challenge was issued and the Starkwood Premier League was born, dare you challenge us to a Fantasy Premier League competition for the 2017/18 season? A mini league was formed consisting of 14 teams vying to be the best in the Automotive Industry.

In the end, there was a clear-cut winner, the Pep Guardiola of this season was Joseph Loveday from Pocklingtons Renault of Louth. Over the course of 38 games "Pockys" scored a rather impressive 2,238 points, a huge 110 points above second place Belgrave Motor Company, and 141 points above SMG FC in 3rd place.

This week our Regional Manager for the North, Jon Ireland, visited Joseph for the presentation of a brand new Xbox One S and a copy of FIFA 18.

"I was lucky that I picked Salah and Kane. It's all about getting the right captain. You need to keep on top of it to turn out your best team"

The Champion, Joseph Loveday

The Final League Table

Position Team Name Company Name Final Score
1 Pockys Pocklingtons Renault of Louth 2238
2 BACK in the Game Belgrave Motor Company 2128
3 SMG FC Starkwood Media Group 2097
4 ClubtropicanadrinkFC Shere 4x4 2068
5 Thank You Wenger ALS Autos 2054
6 Jedi Warriors West Heath Garage 1933
7 Suffolk Trade Centre Suffolk Trade Centre 1897
8 Keiths Kraftwerk Tanfield Towing 1827
9 Ricky's Reds Key Auto Sales 1810
10 Plenty in the Tank .. 1760
11 Harry Hotspurs Slades Garage 1665
12 The Car Specialists The Car Specialists 1551
13 Curly's Champs Victory Car Sales 1487
14 The Ball Baggers JD Car Sales 1456

Mini Awards:

Sometimes it's not all about winning, it's the individual accomplishments that matter too, therefore a special shout-out goes to Shere 4x4 and Belgrave Motor Company!

First up is Shere 4x4's entry ClubtropicanadrinkFC whom had the highest score in a single gameweek, a huge 119 points! Timing it perfectly by captaining Mo Salah who scored 4 goals, an assist and a clean sheet, 58 Points came from Salah alone. Sadly SMG FC could only muster up a measly 93 points.

It may have been Pocky's that came out on top over the course of the season, winning 2 Manager of the Months awards along the way. However, it was Belgrave Motor Company's team BACK in the Game, who eventually finished 2nd, that won the most Manager of The Month awards with 3 to their name, coming out on top in December, February and April. Also pipping SMG FC who won 2 awards, and a storming start in the 1st month too, evidently it's a marathon not a sprint.

The 2018/19 Season

Next year, could it be you? Keep an eye on all our social media platforms and your email inbox for the invitation to next seasons competition.

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