360° Panoramic Photos

360° Panoramic Photos

Enhance your vehicle listings
22nd June 2016

Traditionally a vehicles listing has been supported by a number of static interior and exterior images, but as technology has improved and customers have become more demanding of information there is now an opportunity to deliver on both these requirements.

Starkwood Media Group Ltd has identified an opportunity in the market and is launching a 360° panoramic photo product allowing you to totally transform the way your used car stock is displayed on your website.*

The fully interactive 360° photo tour allows the consumer to pan left and right, up and down and zoom in and out of the interior of the vehicle. Consumers will be able to interact with the vehicle they are interested in and the likelihood of an enquiry being made increases.

The product is easy to use and we can offer on-line training plus recommendations of our preferred camera and hardware.

The total cost of the camera will be circa £260 plus VAT and the image file can be uploaded directly into our Dealer Admin System for real time advertising on your vehicle details page. Once you have purchased the camera and uploaded your photo file, please email us at support@starkwoood.co.uk and we will complete the set up process for you.

What's more, Starkwood Media Group Ltd will not charge for the provision of this service so once you have purchased the camera, there will be no additional costs for actually displaying the panoramic photos.

For more information please call your Regional Manager or call us on 020 3384 0100 for help and guidance. We can send you a link to the camera details page, which also includes some guidance notes and a link directly to the camera allowing you to purchase it online.

* This new feature is not supported by some browsers including IE10 or below and Opera.

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