SSL Certificate Upgrade

SSL Certificate Upgrade

Enhanced Security Protocol
7th February 2017

Most web addresses that you see will be prefixed by HTTPS, HTTP or just www with each of these providing varying degrees of online security.

HTTPS is the most secure protocol and we will be moving all customer domains over to this.

This has several key benefits for you: -

  • It will remove browser warnings for insecure HTTP sites.
  • It will allow us to implement the HTTPS/2 protocol which has the potential to make websites 2 times faster.
  • Enhances SEO by being faster and more secure.

We can only make this change for customers who host their domain with us. If your domain is hosted elsewhere, please speak to your service provider who may charge for this.

Our own Starkwood Media Group Ltd and Autohub sites are already using this technology and you will see the secure padlock before the web address.

If you have any questions, please contact us otherwise we will make these changes in the background where you will notice a change to your web address plus the benefits outlined above.

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