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AutoTrader - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

  We can feed in from.

This feed covers:

AutoTrader Bikes

AutoTrader Caravans

AutoTrader Motorhome / Truck

AutoTrader Premium

eBay Motors - Starkwood Partner

eBay Motors

  We can feed out to.

As one of the ever growing market leaders for automotive marketplaces, we also allow you to feed your stock to eBay Motors using our current back-end admin system. This includes vehicle details, features and photographs automatically.

Gumtree - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

One of the UK's fasting growing online marketplaces, we allow all of our customers to feed their stock directly to Gumtree. Vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular market on Gumtree, allowing for increased selling exposure for all of your stock.

This feed is chargeable.

Motors - Starkwood Partner

  We can feed out to.

Specialising in only the automotive sector, is becoming a popular domain for people to buy or sell their vehicle online. Through us, we can feed your entire stock automatically to saving you the time and hassle of uploading it to several online marketplaces.

AA Cars - Starkwood Partner

AA Cars

  We can feed out to.

  We can feed in from.

AA Cars, also known as VCars has a growing roster of over 100,000 vehicles for sale online. Using our system, we can add your stock to AA Cars automatically as well as import your stock from AA Cars, if your vehicles are already present on there.

Exchange and Mart - Starkwood Partner

Exchange and Mart

  We can feed out to.

We can feed your stock directly to Exchange and Mart through our back-end admin system, saving you the time and effort that could be best spent on running your business. With over 100,000 vehicles in stock including motorbikes, we can add your stock to the growing marketplace.

PistonHeads - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

PistonHeads, originally a sports car enthusiasts online hub, has slowly grown into popular online automotive marketplace specialising in specialist and classics alike. We can feed your stock automatically to Pistonheads through our back-end system, free of charge.

AutoVolo - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

With over 150k cars available and around 3,000 dealers across the UK and with the nationwide advertising helping to attract visitors to the platform. We recently teamed up with AutoVolo to offer 6 months free advertising for all of our customers.

Please call us on 020 3384 0100 to opt out of this feed.

CarSite - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

We have recently introduced free advertising with one of the UK's leading collections of classified sites, The CarSite Network. We allow all of our customers to feed their stock to The CarSite Network, free of charge with options to upgrade to affordable premium packages.

Please call us on 020 3384 0100 to opt out of this feed.

Carsnip - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

Built with natural language search, Carsnip has a unique model to generate visits to your website. Allowing easier search helping the 75% of drivers who do not know which make or model of vehicle they want. We now offer advertising listings on Carsnip, free of charge, available to all of our customers.

Please call us on 020 3384 0100 to opt out of this feed.

Car Gurus - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

We are pleased to announce that we have agreed with CarGurus to display your stock for free on their new UK car shopping website. The fastest growing automotive marketplace in the US, has only recently launched in the UK, we can export your stock onto this fast growing marketplace.

Please call us on 020 3384 0100 to opt out of this feed.

Carfinance247 - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

Carfinance247 have teamed up closely with Carcraft to offer vehicles for sale, with full accredited finance provided by Carfinance247. We can feed your stock through Carfinance247 onto the Carcraft online marketplace.

CarCliq - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

CarCliq is an online automotive marketplace for both new and used cars whilst offering full buying guarantees for customers, we can feed your stock automatically across to their fast growing list of stock.

Sunday Times Driving - Starkwood Partner

Sunday Times Driving

  We can feed out to.

Sunday Times Driving is one of our chargeable feeds out, however we can export all of your stock across to the online marketplace through our back-end admin system.

This feed is chargeable.

Sun Motors - Starkwood Partner

Sun Motors

  We can feed out to.

Sun Motors is another one of our chargeable export feeds. The online marketplace, houses over 300,000 at one time, we would be happy to feed your entire stock to Sun Motors automatically.

This feed is chargeable.

Carland - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

Starkwood Media Group Ltd can feed your stock out to Carland, the easy to use responsive car buying platform that focuses on primarily being uncluttered and keeping the stock for sale at the forefront.

This feed is chargeable.

GForces - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

We work with GForces to allow the transfer of your stock directly to them using our online admin system.

This feed is chargeable.

Land Rovers Owners - Starkwood Partner

Land Rovers Owners

  We can feed out to.

Land Rovers Owners are specialists in all things Land Rover, they also allow for customers to search available Land Rovers for sale across the country. We can feed your Land Rover stock directly to them free of charge.

Motorsearch - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

Motorsearch are an indepedent advertising portal that allows for closer connections between dealerships and their potential target audience. At Starkwood Media Group Ltd we can feed to Motorsearch completely free.

MyCarLocator - Starkwood Partner


  We can feed out to.

My Car Locator is the official automotive advertising platform run alongside MotoNovo finance. All stock is displayed from MotoNovo Finance accredited dealerships only for peace of mind for your customers and easy finance tracking.

"Starkwood Media Group Ltd offer a great service that allows us to upload vehicles with ease to our website, but also feed our data to lots of other external companies where our vehicles get advertised.

This service is very reliable and saves so much time."

Weston Heath Ltd - March 2015

We also feed out and feed in from numerous other smaller website providers, please enquire to find if we can accommodate your stock needs.

Autohub Stock Management

Stock Feeds and Autohub

With Autohub, you are given full control over how your stock is sent to third party providers including all of the ones above.

Find out more

Control your stock on Autohub
and feed to numerous third party providers

Timings of Feeds

Different feeds run at different times throughout the day and early hours of the morning, to find a specific time of a certain feed please contact us directly.

iVendi - Starkwood Partner


iVendi and CarFinanceChecker give us the opportunity to provide easier integrated finance which is linked directly to the finance provider for example Black Horse Finance, Close Brothers and many more. This means our customers can provide up to date finance deals and allows any finance enquiries to flow direct to the provider cutting out the middle man.

Codeweavers - Starkwood Partner


We work closely with Codeweavers to offer full third party integrated finance on our websites, this allows our customers to integrate real time finance deals, figures and packages whilst also giving their customers full control over their own finance criteria through the Codeweaver's FlexiCalc system.

Evolution Funding - Starkwood Partner

Evolution Funding

We have recently partnered officially with Evolution Funding, the UK's largest finance intermediary, we can offer full third party integration on our websites. We can also provide the full dynamic Evolution Funding finance calculator on most pages of your website with us.

LivePerson - Starkwood Partner


No car was ever sold or serviced without a conversation - and today's shoppers and owners prefer messaging over all other forms of communication. LivePerson Automotive gives dealers powerful messaging tools to win more customers, deliver higher quality experiences, and increase customer loyalty.

Visitor Chat - Starkwood Partner

Visitor Chat

Visitor Chat is a fully managed chat solution for the automotive industry, they specialise in answering questions in your industry regardless of the types of vehicles you sell. Visitor Chat is a fast, simple and efficient way of connecting with your website visitors, who are viewing your stock right now.