Point of Sale

High quality branding

Our silent salesman vehicle brochures can be affixed to an internal window of the vehicle or showroom using our display holders.

Price tickets including a special 'SALE' version for vehicles reduced in price can also be downloaded. These can be displayed from the drivers rear view mirror using our display holders.

Vehicle and Stock list brochures incorporate QR codes and are available as PDF so can easily be attached to an email or used within AutoEmail Marketing.

"We pride ourselves on the quality of vehicles we supply to our customers. The presentation of cars on display and the standards we set is our upmost priority. We regularly receive comments from customers commenting how well our cars are presented.

The point of sale material we use not only is it informative and professional it completes the image we try to portray."

Wheelbase - January 2015

Active QR codes (which alert you when scanned and include stats) can also be produced for each vehicle. Additionally custom Active QR codes can be produced for other promotions taking the smartphone user to your chosen web address.

Autohub Stock Management

Point of sale and Autohub

By using our responsive Autohub Stock Management platform, you can automatically generate high quality branded materials of your vehicles.

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