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Reserve a Vehicle

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Take online reserve payments using PayPal

PayPal Reserve is our new online reservation system developed in partnership with PayPal. It is one of our many products that will allow the retail consumer to enjoy end to end e-commerce retailing. You will need to be on our latest web platform to have this product enabled on your website and currently we are offering the integration free of charge.

Why use reserve a vehicle?

  • Take debit / credit card and PayPal deposits directly on each vehicle advert
  • Set the amount to reserve a vehicle - Fixed or Percentage
  • Reserve funds (the default which allows you to first check the deal) or immediately take funds
  • Vehicles reserved will have their details page updated to show as RESERVED removing the reserve option.


  • Will this work with my finance integration
    • This is separate and independent of finance integrations which will remain unchanged. The two do not interact.
  • Can I use my existing card merchant account?
    • This solution is through PayPal who will process all transactions outside of your existing merchant account.
  • I already have a PayPal reserve button on my web site. Should I change to this solution?
    • This integration offers more features and is supported.
  • Maximum delivery Distance where applicable and what you would like us to display when its over your limit
    • If the calculated distance is over the maximum delivery distance, display the message set by the dealer, this setting overrides ALL other settings
  • How do I cancel a reservation?
    • Login to PayPal to cancel the payment. This will update the vehicle status automatically.
  • I already have a PayPal account can I use that?
    • If it is a Business (not personal) account in your company name then yes.
  • Can the customer pay by credit or debit card?
    • Yes, the customer does not need a Paypal account to complete the reservation using our Reserve a Vehicle feature.
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