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No matter how small or large your business is, you will always want to be recognisable for the product or service you offer, and its certain that social media drives brand building and differentiation. Once you have built your brand identity on social media you can start to gather more awareness to the consumer, and at next to no additional cost, a far reach from the traditional advertising methods.

Word of mouth is a very important trait when it comes to selling a product.

Not only is there a save on cost, but a save on valuable time also. You'll always want your content to reach the customer in the shortest time possible, it doesn't really get quicker than sharing a status or a tweet on your social media platform.


of UK Facebook Users trust a retailer less if they don't have a social network presence


of the Top 100 brands have a Twitter Account


of brands are on Instagram

Increasing traffic to your website is probably going to be the main goal for your social media venture. Not only can social media help direct the user to your website, but the more shares, likes and retweets you receive, the higher you will rank with Google. This is called link-ability, the more links pointing to you website from another the better. Natural links via great images, videos or useful information is the best kind for your business.

Customers will always want to trust where they're purchasing the product from before committing, no matter what you're selling. People will trust their friends, family and loved ones more than anyone else, so market your product using word of mouth virtually.



Autohub Stock Management

Social and Autohub

Social Networking is placed at the forefront of Autohub, allowing you to directly showcase your stock on numerous social platforms immediately.

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instantly on most major social networks

Click2Post / Facebook Page Tab

We integrate social networking into all of our website packages and stock management systems.

Our website packages incorporate options for sharing of your website on all major social networking sites or to become a fan of your Facebook page or follower of your Twitter feed.

From within our Autohub stock management system you can Click2Post a vehicle on Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally we can integrate your entire stock list within your Facebook business page.

Enhance your Facebook page and drive more traffic to your website with a Facebook Stock Tab too, in order to demonstrate your entire stock on your company Facebook page for even more exposure.

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  • With the addition of the social media package from Starkwood Media Group Ltd we can give your brand a kick-start on a variety of social media platforms. The package includes: Setting up the accounts for you.
  • Adding in the information such as company description, creating a profile image and any other images, all of which will fit the requirements of that platform perfectly.
  • Linking your social accounts to your website with us.
  • We can also link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Autohub, meaning when you save or upload a new vehicle this can automatically posted on your Facebook and Twitter. Saving you time and effort.
  • We will also give you a quick run through about everything once we have done all of the above and will mainly consist of giving you a run through of how to engage people and other pages on all four platforms.
  • Starkwood Media Group Ltd will also give you a shoutout when the website goes live, hopefully aquiring a few new customers.